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Marie - Gabrielle Duong was born in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, of Vietnamese parents.

She was attracted to photography very early on. In 2011, after a High School Diploma in Economic and Social Sciences, she went to Lyon to do a refresher course in Applied Arts at AFIP with the idea of ​​becoming a graphics designer, a profession that links photography to design arts.

But she prefers photography, and after that year she launches herself as a wedding photographer in Corsica, with Pierre Taisne under Pieta Photography. At the same time, she launched her own business, MG Photography.

In 2012, they moved to New York and worked in photography and filming.

In 2013, they produced their first medium-length film in the United States, "Revulsion", which was selected in several festivals.

In 2015, they produced their first short film "RED the Master Piece". They also created B10 Entertainment, a Franco-American production.

This allowed Marie-Gabrielle to learn sound recording on sets and to work as a sound recorder and still photographer.


They produced Yuraq , their first feature film in Peru, a mix between thriller and horror. Yuraq was released in theaters in Latin America in September 2019.

She is still continuing her activity as a wedding and portrait photographer in Corsica in 2021.

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